Next Level Distillate – Bananas & Blow Vape Cartridge


Next Level Distillates are among the most reliable and consistent vape pen producers in Canada. With a focus on high quality products and using online the best terpenes for flavours you cant be disappointed!


  • Strength: 900mg THC
  • *Please note: Vape Battery Kit not included, and is sold separately

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The Next Level Refill Cartridge Tips contain 1ml of THC distillate, a highly purified cannabis extract with a THC concentration of 93%. These tips are compatible with most vaporizers that can accept a screw-on tip, and their clear golden concentrate is free from waxes, fats, and oils, thanks to a rigorous filtration and distillation process. You can discreetly use them almost anywhere to meet your medical needs. With a minimal odour and an inconspicuous appearance, they are a preferred option for anyone who is constantly on the move.


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