High Voltage Extracts – HTFSE Sauce – Blood Orange


High Voltage Extracts HTFSE Sauce sets the golden standard for what the perfectly dabbable concentrates should be like. HVE is a local BC-based cannabis extraction company that specializes in premium, high-end and craft cannabis extractions and concentrates. Their HTFSE Sauce is made using their proprietary method which encapsulates all the available unique terpenes, cannabinoids and essential essence of the phenotype specific strains they extract. This results in the creation of a highly concentrated and refined product that combines complex terpenes and cannabinoid molecules that deliver a more intense cerebral and psychoactive experience.

The ultimate in cannabis concentrates. Go for the full plant experience with a High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract (HTFSE) that’s essentially a snapshot of all the biomolecules found in a live plant. This is about more than isolating THC; full spectrum sauces capture more unique cannabinoids and terpenes than any other extraction method. Nothing is added or “reintroduced” into this sauce, it’s just the straight goods!

Weight: 1 Gram

THC Concentration: 55-60%

Terpene Concentration: 40-45%

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