$1.75 Gram – $49 Oz, $155 Qp, $290 Hp – Blue Dream Hybrid AA

THC 18.09%

CBD 1.13%

When it comes to effects, Blue Dream delivers a harmonious blend of uplifting and soothing sensations. The initial euphoric rush brings about a sense of happiness and creativity, elevating the mind and inspiring a wave of motivation. It’s the perfect strain for sparking artistic endeavors, engaging in social activities, or simply enhancing a positive mood.

As the high deepens, a gentle and relaxing body buzz emerges, washing away tension and promoting physical tranquility. This dual nature of Blue Dream allows for a versatile experience, where users can find the ideal balance between mental invigoration and physical relaxation.

Blue Dream has garnered a reputation for its medicinal benefits as well. It’s often sought after for its potential to alleviate symptoms of stress, depression, and chronic pain. Many users appreciate its ability to provide relief while maintaining mental clarity, making it suitable for daytime or evening use.

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Blue Dream is a well-known and beloved hybrid strain. It offers a balanced high, combining the uplifting and cerebral effects of sativa with the relaxation and body buzz of indica. It has a sweet berry aroma and is appreciated for its versatility and wide-ranging effects.


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  1. Crosby

    You would think that after a blunt I’d be crazy high for a very long time. Disappointingly enough…i am not. But I’m ok with that because I am still high and mmhmm. Its good. I do wish the buzz was longer but its whatever. This was just a sample from a friend.

  2. Colby

    Helped with anxiety. Didn’t make me paranoid but I believed it was a head high not a body high for sleep.

  3. Cody

    By far my fav strain, that I have tried anyway. When I smoke this i see why it was named what it was. I always feel like im ascending into a dream when i smoke this stuff!

  4. Clyde

    Oh so lovely. Like always. This time, it’s very strong. I am feeling incredible, and I’m enjoying interesting visualizations. Earlier I was stressing over something not worth the worry, and now all the feelings are completely gone. Relaxes the mind and the body very well.

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