$1.75 Gram – $49 Oz, $155 Qp, $290 Hp $550 Lb – Green Love Potion Sativa AA

THC 17.2%

CBD 0.9%

Green Love Potion Sativa: A Captivating Elixir of Love and Upliftment

Fall under the spell of Green Love Potion Sativa, a strain that weaves a captivating elixir of love and euphoria. This enchanting sativa cultivar is the product of crossing Colombian Gold with a mysterious Afghani strain, resulting in a cannabis experience that is as beguiling as it is uplifting.

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The appearance of Green Love Potion Sativa is a sight to behold, with its resinous and elongated buds displaying a mesmerizing blend of vibrant green hues and bursts of orange pistils. The sparkling trichomes add a touch of magic, like stars shining in a clear night sky.

As you draw near, the aroma of Green Love Potion Sativa fills the air with its alluring fragrance. A delightful blend of sweet tropical fruits and earthy undertones greet the senses, like a potion crafted to enchant and delight.

Upon inhalation, the smoke of Green Love Potion Sativa weaves its spell on the taste buds with a smooth and velvety texture. The flavors are a symphony of sweet fruits and hints of spice, creating a taste experience that is both captivating and delicious.

The effects of Green Love Potion Sativa are a true love affair with cannabis. The strain’s sativa-dominant nature induces a cerebral high that uplifts the mind and sparks creativity. The euphoric enchantment is like a warm embrace, leaving you feeling happy, inspired, and full of love for the world around you.

Medical users seeking relief from stress, anxiety, and mood disorders may find comfort in Green Love Potion Sativa’s potential therapeutic benefits. Its mood-enhancing properties and energizing effects have made it a favorite among those seeking an uplifting and refreshing cannabis encounter.


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  1. London

    Not as good as Sour Diesel but still very good

  2. Lincoln

    This strain made me happy, horny and euphoric. I have no complaints!

  3. Leyton

    perfect for just chilling.

  4. Lewes

    Favorite strain amazing smell tastes absolutely amazing and the high is wonderful also very smooth I’ll high on it rn best strain

  5. Leicester

    I just made the biggest fuckin bowl of cereal, I think I can drown it. ive already had one… damn blue dream, my refrigerator is on its side, beeping. how the hell am I going to the food store like this man?!?

  6. Kingston

    Uplifted and relaxed. Dense multicolored buds. My first time having it and it won’t be my last.

  7. Keswick

    This is a great go to bud. Always gives me the energy and good vibes I’m seeking

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