Bubble Hash – 7g


Why opt for solvents when you can enjoy the rich flavors of bubble hash? This natural cannabis concentrate stands apart, untouched by BHO (butane) or CO2 oil. Our Bubble Hash is meticulously crafted from high-grade trichomes using the ice water extraction method.

By employing ice, water, and specialized filter bags, we ensure a delicate separation of trichomes. This process not only produces a concentrate that bubbles and melts, showcasing its superior quality but also preserves the fragrant terpenes, offering a sensational flavour that’s dank, earthy, and sweet.

The quality of bubble hash is often determined by the micron screen sizes used. With our commitment to excellence, our 125-micron screen captures only the finest trichome heads. The result? A concentrate with a smooth dark brown texture, a pungent and piney aroma with potent effects that are both relaxing and sedative.

The bubbling when lit further attests to its premium stature. But don’t just rely on our words, experience it for yourself. After all, we offer the best bubble hash in Canada for sale.

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